2020 House Inspection Services uses a wide range of non-invasive moisture testing equipment.


We take our job seriously and use only the best tools for the job available on the current market. 




Our main tool is Trotec T660
Released in July 2014, the new Trotec T660 noninvasive moisture meter replaces the immensely popular T650 (we also stock it).

With all the performance of the T650, the new T660 features a scratch-resistant 2.7-inch colour TFT touchscreen, with high contrast colour graphics that can be viewed even in direct sunlight.

Designed for ease of use as a "general purpose" non-invasive moisture meter, the T660 is manufactured in Germany.
Its prime use is for locating moisture problems in homes and building materials such as timber/wood, gib board, concrete, etc.

Ideal for locating moisture in walls of homes, buildings, and apartments, concrete, gib board, timber, etc.


- Measurement Method: Capacitance - di-electric
- Measurement Scanning Depth: up to 40mm
- Measurement Range: 0 - 200 digits

Display (digits); Interpretation:

      < 40 digits  -  Dry material

      40 digits – 80 digits  -  Damp material

      > 80 digits -  Wet / saturated material



We stock two cameras - Flir E8 and Flir Bcam. Our main tool is the Flir E8 infrared camera.

Flir E8 - the latest from FLIR. FLIR - the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras.  Excellent instrument for house inspection application.  The camera has 320x240 IR pixel resolution, a 3.5" color LCD, and an on-board digital camera. Mounted with a 45º lens. Includes exclusive MSX Thermal Imaging technology, which is Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) imaging. This allows for easier interpretation of an image and adds visible spectrum definition to IR images. Provides high detail within the thermal image.

    Resolution: 76,800 (320 x 240)
    Thermal Sensitivity: <0.06ºC
    Temperature Range: -4ºF to 482ºF (-20ºC to 250ºC)
    Field of View: 45º x 34º

We also use other noninvasive and invasive moisture meters to back up all our findings:


Trotec T650 - Scanning Depths up to 40mm

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus - Scanning Depths up to 40mm

Exotek MC-380XCA - Dual scanning Depths (10 mm and 100 mm)

Tramex WWD Wet Wall Detector - Detects moisture in EIFS to a depth of approximately 100mm

Tramex PTM6005 - Pin moisture meter (invasive)

Our knowledge and experience with non-invasive testing and infrared cameras is one of the important differences when using us. We have done hundreds of inspections for the past several years in business and have the experience to detect moisture. We have seen most types of problems before. Many problems occur from known areas that are often due to the way the home was built (also refer to Particular Attributes Section). Our extensive experience and modern tools and instruments will help to identify moisture-related problems in your house.

Thermal Imaging; Infrared Cameras. FLIR E8 and FLIR B2. Sample of Scanning result - found leak.

Non Invasive Moisture Meters: Tramex Moisture Encauter Plus, Trotec T650, Exotec MC380XCA