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We've got the field knowledge, experience and specialist equipment to perform PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS and deliver your report, FAST.


Our reports provide vital information detailing Past, Present and Future issues, such as*:


    •       Possibility of inherited problems: Design issues, Risk factors
    •       Current state of house : Defects, Warning signs, Safety
    •       Future maintenance level: Low, Moderate or High


Our inspections are thorough, unbiased, independent and confidential.


With us, you have a helping hand as you go about the stressful process of buying or selling your house.  We help you with SOLUTIONS and provide post-inspection SUPPORT.


Call us today to discuss your needs! Or, choose the inspection and report that best suits your needs from the list below and simply book  online. Thanks!


Choose your inspection and report:
1. Standard Inspection with Verbal Report
from $400** ($450 - Upgradable)
Usually ordered for Auction, Tender, House hunt, Pre-Sale assesments
  • Thorough "Top to bottom" inspection*

  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • On-site consultation/verbal reporting (up to 30 minutes)

  • Telephone consultation (up to 30 minutes)

  • Photo file

  • Upgradable to a standard written report within 2 weeks after inspection***

2. Standard Inspection with Written report
from $550**
Usually ordered for Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale and Re-Finance assesments 
  • Thorough "Top to bottom" inspection*

  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • Written report with Moisture Scan results - room by room

  • Photos explaining and pointing to defects that need attention.

3. Premium Inspection and report
from $400 verbal, $650** written
Ordered for situations when extra attention is required
  • All that included in the Standard Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging Scanning by Certified Thermographer

  • Written report with Thermal Imaging Scan results - room by room

4. Moisure Scan with Thermal Imaging
from $350 verbal, $500** written
Ordered by Sellers mostly to assess the moisure related house condition only
  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • Thermo Imaging Scan*

  • Written report with Thermo images and Moisture Scan results - room by room

  • Photos explaining and pointing to areas that need attention.

5. Weathertighness Snapshot
from $400 verbal, $550** written
Ordered when only Moisture related issues identifucation is required
  • Inspection identifying and recording Particular elements and Risk factors

  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • Thermo Imaging Scan*

  • Written report with Thermo images and Moisture Scan results - room by room

  • Photos explaining and pointing to areas that need attention.

Thermo Imaging Sample >>

> Hi Yuri, Thanks for your professional job and detailed explanation. Really helpful. We are very glad to use your service or refer you to our friends in the future. Thank you!  Jenny


>Hi Yuri, Just wanted to thank you for the great report you provided.  It was very well presented and detailed. I found you very helpful. Regards, Leonie


>Thanks Yuri for the detailed report, appreciate the points you have mentioned!


>Hi Mr. Yuri, I am your old customer and you know that you did a House Inspections for me in Dannemora last year in November. I am buying another house now. Can you please give me an appointment in coming week?

Thanks and regards, Surinder

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For urgent inspection please call:

021 283 7373

Note: After Hours, Weekends - Please add $50.00

In submitting your request, you confirm that you have read the 20/20 House Inspection Services Statement of Policy and Scope of work and agree to be bound by them. 


* Refer to statement of policy, disclaimer, the scope of work, and standard procedures.

** Conditions apply; prices shown are based on a standard 3 bedroom house. Add $35 extra per room.  Add $50 for the house with more than 1 level. For smaller properties, please email or call us first to obtain the inspection price. GST is excluded.

*** Fees apply. Travel Fees Apply.

I love to take booking calls personally, but doing it while crawling under houses has proven to be a bit challenging :-). So here's a better system...unless it's very urgent, please simply use the contact form below.


Of course, I'll call you back as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Usually in the next 30-40 minutes.


When booking, please provide contact details for yourself and your agent,  the property address, inspection urgency and any other relevant information.

Important knowledge - PLEASE read!
Risks and Deficiencies by Year Built >>
Good Practice Little Guide >>
House Alterations and Improvements >>
What we offer:
About 20/20 House Inspection Services:

Thorough, top to bottom inspection*: 

All main house elements, site, services, non-invasive moisture check and Thermal Imaging Scan.


All important issues are covered:

Particular attributes, Risk factors, Warning signs, Defects, Safety.


Highly visual and easy to understand report:

You will get report with photos explaining and pointing to defects that need attention.​

One look - and you know what to do!

Are you in the process of buying or selling a property? Or perhaps you're simply wanting a routine check done for your home? No worries, you've come to the right place.

​My name is Yuri, I am Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Dynamic and Structural Strength of Machines and together with my partner Natalia, a Certified, Level I Infrared Thermographer, we've been helping home buyers and home sellers for more than 10 years.
We know and love our job. That is why we are successful. Our success is in our happy clients - buyers and sellers whom we have helped achieve a better deal on their property.

Our clients receive a thorough inspection based on knowledge and experience. We offer quick turnaround and an easy-to-read report (with photos detailing issues) as well as post-inspection support. ​
Our fees are fair and affordable and are based on the type of inspection report required; the depth of inspection procedures is unchanged across all reports.​​

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Inspections.  'Plaster'  houses, Non-Invasive Moisture Inspections, Thermal Imaging and Leaks Finding
7 days a week, 8am-8pm
09-448 2020

Inspections, Consulting, Problem Solving

Leaky Homes: Advice for Conveyancers/Property Lawyers by Natha Smith Barrister >>