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Why us?
  • Non-invasive, non-destructive process

  • Can rapidly scan large areas or areas that are difficult to access

  • Can reveal hidden issues that would not be visible to the naked eye

Advantages of Thermal Imaging:

If you're a buyer, then a full Comprehensive Thermal Imaging Report should be your preferred choice (read NOTE below).
For the Seller, an Interior Assessment report might be enough as a general guide before putting house on the market or to use it as marketing tool.

  • 3 Level Approach - Infrared, Visual and Non-Invasive Moisture Meter Scan

  • Informative Report - Helps to negotiate the purchase price

  • Added value - Personal service, help with solutions, post-inspection support

Choose your report:
Interior Assesment.
From $350 verbal, $450 written**
Thermal Imaging with Moisture Scan
  • Thermo Imaging Scan*

  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • Written report with Thermo images and Moisture Scan results

  • Photos pointing out and explaining to areas that need attention.

A comprehensive inspection.
From  $400** verbal $575** written**
Weather tightness Snapshot, Thermal Imaging, Moisture Scan
  • Inspection identifying and recording particular elements and risk factors

  • Thermo Imaging Scan*

  • Non-invasive moisture scan*

  • Written report with Thermo images and Moisture Scan results

  • Photos pointing out and explaining to areas that need attention.


   Please contact us to discuss.

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For urgent inspection please call:

021 283 7373

Note: After Hours, Weekends - Please add $45.00 plus GST

NOTE:  Whilst during the course of House Inspections all due care is taken in respect of Thermal Imaging and Non-invasive Moisture scans, it is not practically possible to be certain that moisture-related problems do not exist, even though no thermal abnormality or elevated moisture readings were recorded during the inspection.


Therefore, incorporating a Weathertightness Snapshot Inspection into your Thermal Imaging report is Extremely Important. It will point to architectural details and application/installation faults which have been identified as problematic with conventional/monolithic cladding allowing moisture ingress. Including them in the report could dramatically reduce your risk of buying a house with inherited moisture problems.


We only perform infrared inspections from the inside of the home unless requested otherwise.


LIMITATIONS:  A thermal imaging camera cannot see through walls, nor does it detect moisture. The infrared camera detects infrared radiation, therefore the weather conditions, furniture presence or house temperature tampering could affect findings.

See more at Thermal Imaging - Procedure, Limitations, Disclaimer.

Please also read Non-Invasive Moisture Scan - Procedure, Limitations, Disclaimer.

Our Equipment:
FLIR E8: Infrared Camera with 320 x 240 IR Resolution


The latest from FLIR - the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras.  Excellent instrument for house inspection application.  Camera has 320x240 IR pixel resolution, a 3.5" color LCD, and an on-board digital camera. Mounted with a 45º lens. Includes exclusive MSX Thermal Imaging technology, which is Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) imaging. This allows for easier interpretation of an image and adds visible spectrum definition to IR images. Provides high detail within in the thermal image.

    Resolution: 76,800 (320 x 240)
    Thermal Sensitivity: <0.06ºC
    Temperature Range: -4ºF to 482ºF (-20ºC to 250ºC)
    Field of View: 45º x 34º


Full list of Equipment >>

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In submitting your request you confirm that you have read 20/20 House Inspection Services Statement of Policy and Scope of work and agree to be bound by them.


* Refer to statement of policy, disclaimer, scope of work and standard procedures.

** Conditions apply, prices shown are based on a standard 3 bedroom house. Add $25 extra per room.  For smaller properties please email or call us first to obtain the inspection price. GST is excluded.

*** Fees apply.

I love to take booking calls personally, but doing it while crawling under houses has proven to be a bit challenging :-). So here's a better system...unless it's very urgent, please simply use the contact form below.


Of course, I'll call you back as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Usually in the next 30-40 minutes.


When booking, please provide contact details for yourself and your agent,  the property address, inspection urgency and any other relevant information.

What we offer:
About 20/20 House Inspection Services:

Thorough, top to bottom inspection*: 

All main house elements, site, services, non-invasive moisture check and Thermal Imaging Scan.


All important issues are covered:

Particular attributes, Risk factors, Warning signs, Defects, Safety.


Highly visual and easy to understand report:

You will get report with photos explaining and pointing to defects that need attention.​

One look - and you know what to do!

Are you in the process of buying or selling a property? Or perhaps you're simply wanting a routine check done for your home? No worries, you've come to the right place.

​My name is Yuri and together with my partner Natalia, a Certified, Level I Infrared Thermographer, we've been helping home buyers and home sellers for more than 10 years.
We know and love our job. That is why we are successful. Our success is in our happy clients - buyers and sellers whom we have helped achieve a better deal on their property.

Our clients receive a thorough inspection based on knowledge and experience. We offer quick turnaround and an easy-to-read report (with photos detailing issues) as well as post-inspection support. ​
Our fees are fair and affordable and are based on the type of inspection report required; the depth of inspection procedures is unchanged across all reports.​

Important knowledge - PLEASE read!
Right Tools
House Alterations and Improvements >>
Good practice Little Guide >>
Risks and Deficiencies by Year Built >>
An infrared camera helps you pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture beneath the surface, and unveil insulation problems