20/20 Verbal Report (with notes)

Informative, Affordable, Upgradable
Buying at Auction, through Tender or have a few houses to check before making a buying desision?
With uncertainty of winning, why spend $$$ on a full written report you might not need???
Instead, get our special report with inspector's notes!
Only $295 plus GST
  • Our full, standard pre-purchase inspection

  • Non-invasive moisture scan

  • On-site consultation/verbal reporting (up to 30 minutes)

  • Telephone consultation (up to 30 minutes)

  • Written notes: Summary, Main elements, Warning Signs, Moisture Scan results


Also included: Particular attributes, Risk Factors

Including these areas in the report enables a perspective purchaser to asses any risk involved and gives the information to plan risk management of the areas in the form of regular routine checks and regular scheduled maintenance.


UPGRADABLE! - This report can be upgraded to a standard report with images within 2 weeks after inspection.

You will have full set of photos explaining and pointing to defects that need attention.​ Extra Pages - See Samples >>


(Sample - some information included for information purposes only)


The following is a summary of the inspector's findings during this inspection.


The inspection of 20/20 House Inspection Services is a current condition, visual inspection of the conditions of the elements inspected on that particular day only.  It is no guarantee against failure of any element or system inspected.


The report should be seen as a reasonable attempt to identify any Significant Fault or Defect visible at the time of the visual Inspection rather than an all-encompassing report dealing with the home from every aspect. The reporting of any Significant Fault or Defect is on an exceptional basis, rather than reporting on items, which are in acceptable condition for their age.


Risk factors ( VERY IMPORTANT ! )

We look at risk areas and how to identify

if your home or a home you are thinking of buying is at risk of being a leaky building.


Leaky buildings often have features in common. The more of these features a home has the higher the risk of it being a leaky building.



Some claddings are more prone to causing leaky building problems. We look at the claddings most at risk and how they are applied to the house.


There was a significant differences among the treatments, with untreated timber being used in timber frame in 1998-2004; also with other factors, the year of construction can help identify homes with a higher than normal likelihood of leakage problems.


Particular attributes ( IMPORTANT ! )


Particular attributes are architectural details and application faults which have been identified as problematic with conventional/ monolithic cladding and moisture ingress.


These features may not allow adequately for deflection or drainage of water unless particular care is taken in the design and construction.



Our interior and exterior checklist will help you assess the house you look at, so you can make an informed decision about what to buy.



We inspect and report on Driveway, Walkway, Decks, Fences, Retaining walls, Surface water control, Roof, Cladding, Windows and Doors condition. If accesible we also inspect and report on Roof, Attic and Subfloor. Defective elements are listed here and displayed in the photo section.



We inspect and report on Ceiling, walls, Windows, Doors condition. Services will be visually acceses and reported on. Defective elements are listed here and displayed in the photo section.

Warning Signs ( SYMPTOMS OF A LEAK )
We look at risk areas and how to identify

if your home or a home you are thinking of buying is at risk of being a leaky building.


Scan results (NON INVASIVE SCAN )

The result of room-by-room non-invasive moisture scan - areas susceptible to moisture ingress.