Auction Reports ready for download.

Whant to know more about the condition of the Auctioned property instantly?

Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on inspections when you unsure if an  Auction will go your way?


Bidding for a house at auction could be an expensive exercise for the buyer if all the checks and balances are carried out.  Our Auction Report is a new way of sourcing information about the condition of the house to be auctioned.  The report covers all aspects of the house (internal and external as well as moisture testing), but is based on exception reporting. This means the report focuses specifically on issues found and only briefly cover the rest.  


Save time and money by downloading one of our pre-completed reports that covers major elements of a property and highlites potential issues.


PRO-SPECT Home Inspections pro-actively produce reports for properties that are coming up for auction. 

Economical, professional, unbiased and immediate


Auction Inspection:


External areas- we check :

Visible condition of Soil, Drainage, Driveways and Pathways, Fences, Decks, and Retaining Walls (movement only), Roof Elements, Cladding,  Foundation, Windows, Doors and Underhouse areas,


Internal areas - we check:

Visible condition of roof space, ceiling, wall and flooring; kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and laundry.

Wet areas (i.e. bathrooms) and also all windows corners and door openings will be tested with non-invasive moisture meter for moisture readings followed by random moisture scan for walls and ceiling.


 -  Desclaimer - explain what we are doing inspection for - get your own inspection latter if needed...


Note: Property agents may request upcoming auction properties to be inspected, free of charge, and reports to be made available on this site Vendors and agents please feel free to contact us to upload the report ....




​Sample report can be viewed here: AUCTION REPORT


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