Inspections designed specifically for landlords


Maintaining the health of your investment property is crucial. Identifying and correcting problems early could save you thousands of dollars.

Property investors know a professional building inspection is the only way to go in order to maximize overall returns and avoid leaky-homes and other common traps for home-buyers.


Minimize repair bills and the time your property is vacant ; get a professional building inspection today and relax with the peace of mind of knowing exactly how ‘healthy’ your home or property investment is.


PRO-SPECT Inspecton Services will help you: 

* Identify problems with a property (or potential problems) early

* Ensure fewer interruptions due to costly repairs and achieve higher occupancy rates

* Save money, boost long-term returns

* Avoid nasty surprises and costly mistakes


Property management is easier with a PRO-SPECT builder, maintenance or pre-sale inspection.

At PRO-SPECT Inspection Services, we understand the needs and requirements of all types of property investors.

We specialise in inspecting investment properties and provide a range of affordable property inspection services.



Auction Report

Avoid any nasty surprises when buying a house at auction.  Get an Auction Report and bid with confidence.


Bidding for a house at auction could be an expensive exercise for the buyer if all the checks and balances are carried out.  Our Auction Report is a new way of sourcing information about the condition of the house to be auctioned.  The report covers all aspects of the house (internal and external as well as moisture testing), but is based on exception reporting. This means the report focuses specifically on issues found and only briefly cover the rest.  



Tenant or Property Manager should be present at all pre-sale inspections. *.